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Re: for those who care about unbound (resolvconf and DNSSEC)

Robert Edmonds wrote:
> i'd like to get some feedback on whether i should implement some changes
> in the unbound debian packaging:

i'm also looking into building the python bindings for libunbound.
unfortunately upstream uses autotools / libtool to build and link the
python module, which results in the python extension module being linked
against every library the configure script can find.

short of rewriting the upstream build system i could only come up with
the following to make the build link against only the required

       # XXX gross hack to prevent python module from linking against everything
       rm -f _unbound.la
       sed -i -e 's/^dependency_libs=.*/dependency_libs=''/' libunbound.la
       make _unbound.la LIBS=""
       install -m 0644 .libs/_unbound.so.2.*.* \

but that's really gross.

Robert Edmonds

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