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Re: What should we do with iceweasel/xulrunner/libmozjs?


Mike Hommey wrote:
> - Push 3.6 to unstable and the last 4.0 betas/rc to experimental. Push
>   4.0 to unstable when it's out.

That would be my favourite.

I use Conkeror (which is a XULRunner application and hence depends on
xulrunner) with 3.6 since it is in experimental and it works without
problems since a year or so. Ubuntu has the Debian package with just
slight modification of some defaults together with xulrunner-1.9.2 in
Lucid 10.04 LTS. They just had to backport a few upstream fixes.

OTOH since my upstream announced 4.0 compatibility a lot has changed
in 4.0 (sic!) and the last time I tried it, it seemed to make quite
some problems. Will check again the current state of the packages in
the mozilla.d.n repo (and later experimental).

>   Cons: More work for reverse dependencies, which would be made to build
>   and work with 3.6 and then again with 4.0 in a few weeks.

No problem for me. In the contrary, I'd be glad if 4.0 doesn't hit
unstable immediately.

> - Keep things the way they are (3.5 in unstable, 3.6 in experimental,
>   4.0 betas on mozilla.debian.net), and upload 4.0 to unstable once it's
>   released.
> - Keep 3.5 in unstable, 3.6 in experimental, and push 4.0 to experimental
>   when it's released.

I think 3.6 should go to unstable and replace 3.5 as soon as poosible,
so these options look like heading backwards.

>   Cons: We lose version 3.6, which has several advantages over 3.5, and
>   keep 3.5, which is already very outdated.

Right. That's why I want to see 3.6 in unstable as soon as possible
independently of the state of 4.0.

		Regards, Axel
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