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Re: Default Homedir Permissions

On 02/17/2011 09:24 AM, Roger Leigh wrote:

Yes, but like everything there is a tradeoff.  A totally secure system
is an unusable system.

Why the black and white?  What happened to grey?

                       Having to instruct every user how to relax the
permissions to allow others to access their files, or allow their web
pages to be visible, is effectively pointless make-work if that was what
you wanted in the first place.  And for most people, I would argue that
/is/ what is wanted.

Most people want "easy".  It's why Windows is malware central.

Remember that historically, multi-user systems have been about sharing
and collaboration, not isolation in walled-off prisons.  I know which
type of system I want, and it's not the latter.

I thought it was about sharing expensive resources. (But then, I come from a DP background.)

"The normal condition of mankind is tyranny and misery."
Milton Friedman

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