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Re: Cross-check autobuilt binary pkg with maintainer-provided pkg

>> This is a good reason to forbid source-only uploads, but there is another,
>> which actually leverages what we do now, and the idea of not using the
>> maintainer-provided binary packages in order to have better determinism on
>> the build:
> [...]
> Sounds like a great idea, yes.
> If ftpmasters don't want dak to do all the work, a new service under the QA 
> umbrella could be setup. Sending the original metadata to the QA host should 
> be enough for it to check the package built by the buildds whenever it is 
> uploaded to the archive.

dak can do a lot of work. For some of it we "just" need the code.
The stuff described here very much sounds like dak is the optimal
place. Its just that we all do have some real life too (something needs
to pay for food and stuff in this world, damn), so we dont have as much
time as we want. But most of the time we are happy to babysit someone
developing stuff to :)

bye, Joerg
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