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Re: How to close a Ubuntu bug?

"Kai Wasserbäch" <curan@debian.org> wrote:

>Dear Scott,
>Scott Kitterman schrieb am 14.02.2011 22:46:
>> "Erik Schanze (Debian)" <schanzi_@gmx.de> wrote:
>>> Is there any mail interface like Debian has?
>> There is, but it still requires an account. I marked it fixed.
>can Ubuntu that at least open said interface up to Debian Developers
>using their
>Debian address and sign the message with their key (as available from
>keyring.debian.org)? Because this account requirement is really
>annoying. I
>don't want an account on Launchpad but as long as I'm forced to see bug
>on my PTS page (ok I could hide them with Element Hiding Helper or
>something) I
>want an easy interface like <mailto:control@bugs.debian.org>, so I can
>at least
>close or reassign bugs in case that is needed (an example where I'd
>like to have
>reassign capabilities: I've one bug showing for Skanlite, that is
>certainly not
>a bug in Skanlite but one in libksane (if it still exists at all, that
>upstream agrees with me on this).
>Kind regards,
>Kai Wasserbäch
>P.S.: I understand that you are not Ubuntu and this is not your
>decision, but
>maybe you could pass this on to the proper people. ;)

It's been brought up with Launchpad developers before. Doing so is technically feasible, but not implemented.

Scott K

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