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Re: How to close a Ubuntu bug?

Dear Scott,
Scott Kitterman schrieb am 14.02.2011 22:46:
> "Erik Schanze (Debian)" <schanzi_@gmx.de> wrote:
>> Is there any mail interface like Debian has?
> There is, but it still requires an account. I marked it fixed.

can Ubuntu that at least open said interface up to Debian Developers using their
Debian address and sign the message with their key (as available from
keyring.debian.org)? Because this account requirement is really annoying. I
don't want an account on Launchpad but as long as I'm forced to see bug reports
on my PTS page (ok I could hide them with Element Hiding Helper or something) I
want an easy interface like <mailto:control@bugs.debian.org>, so I can at least
close or reassign bugs in case that is needed (an example where I'd like to have
reassign capabilities: I've one bug showing for Skanlite, that is certainly not
a bug in Skanlite but one in libksane (if it still exists at all, that ist),
upstream agrees with me on this).

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch

P.S.: I understand that you are not Ubuntu and this is not your decision, but
maybe you could pass this on to the proper people. ;)


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