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Re: The future of m-a and dkms

Le lundi 14 février 2011 à 00:12 +0100, Iustin Pop a écrit : 
> With my sysadmin hat on, compilation on servers is a *very* big no-no,
> so if mkdeb doesn't work or if it doesn't provide nice modules, then m-a
> should stay in.

Regardless, there should be a way to provide the modules without
installing a compiler on servers.

> I know that right now, when backporting stuff at work, we have to drop
> the DKMS stuff and write our own packaging since DKMS doesn't play
> nicely with multiple kernel versions, embedding the kernel *and* package
> version in the final module version, etc. Things might have changed
> recently, but last time I looked DKMS was only good for desktops, and
> not as a reliable package-building method.

Worse, it is not a reliable method *at all*. When you have several
kernel versions installed, DKMS will only build the modules for one of
them, so if you reboot to another kernel, you get a brick.

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