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Re: The "node" command in Debian

On 02/08/2011 05:04 PM, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
Similar AX.25 tools "call" and "listen" were renamed in 2007 to ax*
(package ax25-apps), because those names were too generic (according to
the changelog).

... resulting in considerable confusion from many people, given that much documentation out there refers to call and listen. I, for one, was rather puzzled, especially since there is also an ax25_call which does something different.

Not saying it was a bad choice, but just that this was what the result was. Much existing documentation is confusing to Debian users.

Also, it should be stated that /usr/sbin/node is normally started from ax25d, which is somewhat analogous to inetd. It is not normally invoked by users (though it could be). Renaming it will break servers unless users are well aware.

-- John

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