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Bug#612359: [general] Debian Live: some Boot menu options are invisible (Memory test)

Package: general
Severity: important

Debian Live 6's boot menu seems to contain 14 options. I used the image debian-live-6.0.0-i386-kde-desktop.img. There are 4 Live options, 4 Text options, 4 GUI options, and 2 more, the first being Memory test. I tried the USB key on 3 PC, and I always only saw the first 8 before I used the arrow keys. The display was identical on the 3 PC-s. 2 are laptops with a 1366x768 resolution, one is a desktop with a 1440x900 LCD screen. They are all "widescreens".

First problem, nothing suggests there are 6 more options that will appear when going down. The menu seems to think its always showing 10 options. Therefore if from the start I press the down arrow key 8 times, no option is highlighted but no scrolling happens. I have to press 10 times. Then the options scroll by 4 and I see Text and GUI options. GUI Auto is the last option I can see. There is room in the screen to show one line below the last option shown, but not 2. Playing, it's possible to get the 13th option, Memory test, to flash, so I was able to use memtest anyway.

I guess if the fix is non-trivial, the most urgent thing is to be able to see the 2 last options. Ironically, the last option, the one truly invisible, seems to be the help.

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