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Re: The "node" command in Debian

Jonathan Nieder writes ("The "node" command in Debian"):
> (please follow-up to debian-devel only)

> If no consensus emerges, policy §10.1 in its Solomon-like wisdom says
> _both_ commands must be renamed.  I hope we can do better.  I will be
> happy to file release-critical bugs against both packages to that
> effect if not.

I think this is exactly the correct thing to do in this case.
At least no scripts will get the wrong program.

An alternative would be to somehow arrange for "node" to be

  cat >&2 <<END
  use "nodejs" for the Javascript interpreter
  use "nodeax25" for the AX.25 (ham radio) tool

regardless of what's installed, but that's a lot of faff.


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