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Re: network-manager rant

Michael Biebl dijo [Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 01:34:45PM +0100]:
> >> My workaround was to purge network-manager and I'm planning to fix this by
> >> creating a package which Conflicts: network-manager. Maybe you could provide
> >> this kind of package by default :)
> > 
> > Unless you have more useful suggestions, mine will be to go write your
> > rants to places nobody will read them.
> Usually, I don't read emails which have "rant" in their topic.
> That said, I contacted Anssi privately and after some debugging the problem was
> quickly found, resulting in #609831, which is easy to fix.
> Next time I hope, Anssi consider filing a bug report as a first step.

But even if this is not the right place for bug reports, our users
might not know it. Yes, Anssi's message was not in the best tone - But
the right answer would be to direct him to the right place
(submit@bugs.d.o) _without_insulting_him_.

Please, lets all try to keep d-devel civil.

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