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network-manager rant

Hi all,

I just updated packages (which upgraded network-manager to 0.8.1-6) and then
rebooted computer. I was greeted with a five minute wait while ntpd tried to
query dns which was broken since network-manager decided to start, ignore
bridge mappings, do dhcp on physical port of the bridge (which of course
breaks the bridge) and clearing out /etc/resolv.conf. Again.

There seems to be bugs filed for the relevant things so I won't bother
creating new tickets. I just hope you would make network-manager not break
things when system is in perfect working order :)

My workaround was to purge network-manager and I'm planning to fix this by
creating a package which Conflicts: network-manager. Maybe you could provide
this kind of package by default :)

Anssi Kolehmainen

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