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Re: Source code

On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 3:30 PM, Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush@debian.org> wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 03, 2011 at 04:55:52PM -0800, Don Armstrong wrote:
>> > On Tue, 04 Jan 2011, Stephen Grant Brown wrote:
>> > > I would like to install dpkg under Windows Vista.
>> >
>> > This is almost certainly going to be an exercise in pain.
>> For building it, maybe, but not for getting it prebuilt. Cygwin ports
>> has a version:
>> (From ftp://sourceware.org/pub/cygwinports/portslist.txt)
>> dpkg                                     
> Some years ago there was an attempt to port Debian to windows kernel. If I
> remember correctly, blocking problem was that windows does not allow to
> replace opened files, which dpkg deeply depends on.

Renaming open files works, so that should no longer be a problem.


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