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Re: using perl in preinst script

The package depends on python anyways. My only query is as I am using python in postinst script, is it sufficient to mention it as part of Depends or should it still be mentioned in Pre-Depends?

Apart from that, as per the response given by Neil and also my sponsorer, I think the below logic should do fine for the upgrade script.


On Monday 27 December 2010 10:16 PM, Aron Xu wrote:
On Tue, Dec 28, 2010 at 00:32, Rahul Amaram
<amaramrahul@users.sourceforge.net>  wrote:
Hi Neil,
Thanks for the response. I didn't intend to work on this update as per my
leisure. I greatly admire the Debian release team for the effort they put
in, in trying to make Debian a great experience to the end users. As I've
already told you, I am new and therefore didn't know of the deep-freeze of
Squeeze. Or else I would have definitely worked on it earlier itself.

Anyway, coming back to the solution. This is what I plan to do. Kindly
provide any necessary feedback.

1. Stop the server in preinst and if necessary copy the current
configuration file to a temporary location.
2. In postinst, write python code to check if NSS directory service is being
used (by parsing the configuration file) and if so take the appropriate
action. Once this is done, delete the temporary copy of configuration file.

Also I believe for this, python needn't be added to Pre-Depends but only to

I still think adding python to Depends only because a maintainer
script needs it is costing too much, if the application itself doesn't
need python at all.

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