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Re: Debian participating in Google Code-in 2010, we need your help!

On Tue, November 23, 2010 10:58, Obey Arthur Liu wrote:
> The only reason the student who claimed the task contacted you is
> because your name is kind of all over the place on webpages related to
> UDD.

This is patently false as
shows "Contact: LucasNussbaum", so the project is explicitly associated
with Lucas and actually calls on interested parties to contact him.

>> And in the future, please refrain from making actions on behalf of other
>> DDs without their prior approval.
> What kind of bureaucratic dystopia is this?

I find it worrysome that you think it's OK to name other people,
volunteers, as a contact for projects they didn't initiate. This has
nothing to do with bureaucracy but with common courtesy.

You basically assign them work; my Debian time is limited and I'd
appreciate it if I would be able to choose where to spend it on. This goes
double if you do this in the context of a high-visibility initiative in
which Debian "officially" participates.

If you disagree I would propose that you do not co-ordinate such Google
Code events in the future.


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