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Re: source package format 3.0 with multiple tar balls

Hi Paul,

thanks for the answer.

On So, 14 Nov 2010, Paul Wise wrote:
> $ tar tf luatex-beta-0.64.0-doc.tar.bz2 | head -n2
> luatex-beta-0.64.0/manual/
> luatex-beta-0.64.0/manual/graphics/
> So the manual/manual thing comes from the orig.tar suffix plus the
> subdir inside the upstream tarball.

yup, so it is.

> Adapt your packaging to use the additional level of subdirectory. This
> would be the simpler option, unless I am missing something.

I choose option 3: repackage the two tar balls into one ;-) As I did
it the last releases.

> BTW, upstream uses a -doc tarball suffix, why not use that?

You mean keep the -doc, that unpacks into 
and adapt the packaging.

Yeah, that could be a good option with less work.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Best wishes

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