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Bug#602842: ITP: condor -- workload management system

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Michael Hanke <michael.hanke@gmail.com>

* Package name    : condor
  Version         : 7.4.4
  Upstream Author : Condor Team, Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  URL             : http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor
* License         : Apache License, Version 2
  Programming Lang: C++, Java
  Description     : workload management system


 [from webpage]

 Condor is a specialized workload management system for
 compute-intensive jobs. Like other full-featured batch systems, Condor
 provides a job queueing mechanism, scheduling policy, priority scheme,
 resource monitoring, and resource management. Users submit their serial
 or parallel jobs to Condor, Condor places them into a queue, chooses
 when and where to run the jobs based upon a policy, carefully monitors
 their progress, and ultimately informs the user upon completion.

 While providing functionality similar to that of a more traditional
 batch queueing system, Condor's novel architecture allows it to succeed
 in areas where traditional scheduling systems fail. Condor can be used
 to manage a cluster of dedicated compute nodes (such as a "Beowulf"
 cluster). In addition, unique mechanisms enable Condor to effectively
 harness wasted CPU power from otherwise idle desktop workstations. For
 instance, Condor can be configured to only use desktop machines where
 the keyboard and mouse are idle. Should Condor detect that a machine is
 no longer available (such as a key press detected), in many
 circumstances Condor is able to transparently produce a checkpoint and
 migrate a job to a different machine which would otherwise be idle.
 Condor does not require a shared file system across machines - if no
 shared file system is available, Condor can transfer the job's data
 files on behalf of the user, or Condor may be able to transparently
 redirect all the job's I/O requests back to the submit machine. As a
 result, Condor can be used to seamlessly combine all of an
 organization's computational power into one resource.


At the batch queueing systems BoF at DebConf10 this software has been
discussed as a potential addition to Debian. I plan to start tracking
the 'stable' series -- maybe adding a dedicated package for the
'development' series sometime in the future (if there is enough
manpower).  Upstream already has some Debian packages, but uses external
software that is downloaded and built from source instead of exclusively
relying on Debian packages. I want to start from upstream packaging and
improve integration into the Debian system.

If you are interested in co-maintaining this package, please drop me a

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