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Re: How to add dependencies that exist in another repository

Hi Rex,

In my opinion a more appropriate place for you question would be the
Debian mentors list. This list is more meant for Debian development. I
have cc'ed it as such.

Why do you need to do anything above the normal for this. The package
sun-java6-jdk exists in the Debian non-free repository. Just add the
dependency as normal. You package will be restricted to the contrib
section though (if it is free, if not non-free) as it depends on a
non-free package. 


On Mon, 2010-11-08 at 09:14 -0800, Reza Alemi wrote:
> Hello all,
> I don't seem to be able to find my answer searching the net, so please
> forgive me if my question is too trivial.
> I am packaging a product which is dependent on sun-java6-sdk (upstream
> says it won't work with openjdk). in ubuntu, that package is in the
> partner repository which I can get user consent to add, using debconf.
> in shell, I would normally do an add-apt-repository for the repository
> and then an apt-get update before I can install the sun-java6-sdk
> package.
> my question is, can I do something like that in my own install scripts?
> can I run add-apt-repository and apt-get update while the package is
> being installed? won't it break if the package is installed with
> aptitude or dpkg an on debian instead of ubunut?  
> Thank you,
> Rex

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