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Re: debian can be better

First of all: Sorry, I didn't want to send this mail to the public list...

On Mon, 01 Nov 2010 07:46:27 +0100, Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org>
> Le dimanche 31 octobre 2010 à 22:41 +0100, Matthias Klumpp a écrit : 
>> Also, they use Banshee and Tomboy, which results in including Mono to
>> their default install. (Okay, this is a disk-space problem, but also
>> "crazy")
> We do also for Tomboy, and this “space problem” is of similar scale as
> the one we have for a pair of applications using C++ bindings.
Also true, but I don't know how much more space the Mono bindings need
compared to the C++ bindings... This would be interesting to find out!

>> And now they won't use GNOME3 GNOME-Shell as default but an own surface
>> specially designed for Netbooks as default desktop. (It will be changed
>> to
>> match bigger screen size, but it's initial design was for Netbooks, so
>> this
>> will become difficult)
> Personally I would be more worried by the “relies on compiz” part than
> on the “designed for netbooks” part.
They say if a hardware does not meet the 3D-requirements, they will have a
fallback to the exiting GNOME-panel, which is the same as GNOME-Shell will
do, so I don't see much difference here.

To the overall topic ("debian can be better"): I see Ubuntu as some kind
of playground for new technologies. Debian should look at Ubuntu, and they
already do look at it, and use stuff which works on Ubuntu and matches the
Debian policy well. Debian is much more conservative than Ubuntu is, but if
some stuff Ubuntu uses turns out to be successful, Debian can use it too.


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