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Re: debian can be better

> > Debian should improve translation linguas.Quando used for
> > other help topics were all in English! Despite the selected language is
> > Portuguese from Brazil!
> Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org>
> It seems that you are well qualified to help with that.  Christian seems to be 
> one of the leaders of the Debian translation project, I suggest that you 
> contact him off-list to discover how you can help improve this.

Aha, I actually read the original message and pondered following
up...which I finally didn't (probably the "hey, you should do like
Ubuntu" prank just annoyed me, even if Pedro can't be blamed for this,
from an end user POV).

Even easier: get in touch with people from the Brazilian Portuguese
localization team (debian-l10n-portuguese@lists.debian.org....it is
actually used only for *Brazilian* Portuguese l10n work).

And contribute there.

Pedro, the pt_BR team is already doing a tremendous work in
translating many things (for instance, they are among the leaders for
translation of packages descriptions). Of course, you'll always find
something more that needs to be translated or adapted.....but, believe
me, the brazilian Debian community is among the most active ones I've
met. And the annual Debian conference might even end up in your
country in 2012, in case you would want to be involved even more.

So, as you see: there are certainly many things to improve. But just
telling "Debian should do this" or "Debian should do that" won't make
it happen. "Debian" is not a company, it's a collaborative project
with no dictator telling people what they should be working on.

So things are done when someone feels the need to do them.

Not to tell that user feedback is ignored. Of course, it is used and
we often appreciate getting it. It even often motivates people to work
on a specific feature. But don't expect that much abou tthings
happening because you ask for it...or you say they "should" be done..:-)

> > Project developers should use social networks to
> >  probe the needs of Debian users (Masters or beginners).Thank you for All
> Sorry, I don't have time for that, I don't even have enough time to do as much 
> development work for Debian as I wish.  Now if you could find some funding for 
> me so I could cease some of my paid work then things would change...

And many people will probably answer that, too. Also notice that many
Debian contributors have personal or philosophical issues with some
widespread social networks (even though many of us are present on some
of them).

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