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Re: debian can be better

On Wed, 27 Oct 2010, Pedro Paulo Argolo <jamer.jamer@hotmail.com> wrote:
>  needs better support video cards from Nvidia and ATI video boards
> Intel. I had configuration problems because of that, and for a typical
> user is a very embarrassing situation. ~: (

The change from "nv" to "nouveau" was a good improvement for my main system 
(Thinkpad T61), 2D graphics performance improved noticeably although I do 
occasionally get transient corrupted bitmaps.  Debian is dedicated to free 
software (which precludes the non-free NVidia driver from being in main) and I 
don't want the security risk of running binary-only software on my important 

I am not aware of anything that stops a Debian user from using a binary-only 
Xorg driver.

Intel video cards work really well in my experience, performance is great 
including on 3D graphics with games such as Warzone 2100, Super Tux Carts, and 
Tux Racer.  Given a choice I'd just buy a system with Intel graphics.

> In this case I think
> Debian should look a little closer to Ubuntu, referring to usability.
> You can maintain a perfectly usable OS for both beginners and advanced
> users of Linux technology, without changing the philosophy course
> Debian.

Ubuntu aren't as much into free software.

Speaking for myself I'm more than happy for people who want Debian with non-
free software to use Ubuntu.  I think that they are doing a great job of 
making a Debian-derived distribution that supports non-free software and is 
easy to use.

> Debian should improve translation linguas.Quando used for
> other help topics were all in English! Despite the selected language is
> Portuguese from Brazil!

Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org>

It seems that you are well qualified to help with that.  Christian seems to be 
one of the leaders of the Debian translation project, I suggest that you 
contact him off-list to discover how you can help improve this.

> Project developers should use social networks to
>  probe the needs of Debian users (Masters or beginners).Thank you for All

Sorry, I don't have time for that, I don't even have enough time to do as much 
development work for Debian as I wish.  Now if you could find some funding for 
me so I could cease some of my paid work then things would change...

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