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Re: debian can be better

OoO La nuit ayant déjà recouvert  d'encre ce jour du mercredi 27 octobre
2010, vers 23:48, Patrick Matthäi <pmatthaei@debian.org> disait :

> Most desktop users also want to have some 2D/3D performance, or special
> features like tv out, xvideo acceleration etc etc.
> nouveau is a good replacement for nv, but still far away of being useful
> for powerful desktop users.

nouveau  supports  2D  acceleration  including  compositing  and  Xvideo
acceleration.   I don't  see what  may be  missing for  everyday desktop
use. It  is even better  than the nvidia  driver because of  its perfect
support of xrandr.
printk("autofs: Out of inode numbers -- what the heck did you do??\n"); 
	2.0.38 /usr/src/linux/fs/autofs/root.c

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