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Re: Debian source code search engine

Op Thu, 30 Sep 2010 16:07:14 -0400
schreef Yaroslav Halchenko <debian@onerussian.com>:

> Following Michael's inquiry  I finally found this thread.
> Peter, are there any plans to make Debian's source code indexer alive
> again (and may be placed on somewhat permanent/reliable hosting)?

Unfortunately I can't host it anymore. I've put the site's code
online (http://github.com/pdewacht/source.debian.net) in the hope that
somebody else could, but it's not something you can put on a standard
hosting account.

The system requirements are about 200gb disk space and the more RAM the
merrier. On my old server (I don't recall the exact specs but it was a
fairly beefy system), re-indexing took about 6 hours for a typical
update. During that time the server was pretty much unusable for
anything else. I'm guessing that will be much better if you could put
the indices on an SSD.

The scripts actually don't do anything very complex, it's
basically an opengrok config file and a script to maintain an
uncompressed tree of the current Debian source. I didn't try to archive
historic versions of packages, or do things like expanding tarballs in
source package (I was hoping OpenGrok would learn how to search inside
tarballs, but it still doesn't do that).

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