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Re: Summary of CUT discussions

Fernando Lemos, 2010-09-27 17:26:16 -0300 :


>>  I'm fine with an incentive.  An official promise by the project that
>> unstable and testing (or rolling) *will* be usable, on the other hand,
>> makes me really nervous.
> I recommend that you watch the BoF video, if you haven't already. Joey
> explicitly states there that CUT will not be as stable as stable. You
> can't obviously get the same stability as stable without all the
> quality assurance and the freezes, not now at least.

I just watched it.  It seems to focus on the cuts/snapshots rather than
on rolling, but I agree with the general goals, as long as we keep in
mind and advertise the difference in expected quality — or in the set of
available packages.

  And if I may join the bikeshedding, let me suggest we rename “testing”
to “staging”, and stick with “rolling” for the new thing :-)

Roland Mas

Sauvez les castors, imprimez en recto-verso.

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