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Re: Buildd & binary-indep

Adam Borowski wrote:
> # Hairy, but safe against locales and changed error messages.
> make -f /dev/null build-indep 2>unique-tmp-1
> (debian/rules build-indep && rm unique-tmp-1) 3>&1 1>&2 2>&3 |tee unique-tmp-2
> cmp -s unique-tmp-1 unique-tmp-2
> case $? in
>   0) echo "The build-indep target doesn't exist, falling back to 'build'."
>      debian/rules build;RET=$? ;;
>   1) RET=2 ;;
>   2) RET=0 ;;
> esac

This fails in cases where the makefile emits something to stderr when
setting a variable, which can happen even for non-existing rules.
Makefiles with global pattern rules (as used with dh) are also

A more robust method would be to populate unique-tmp-1 by running
debian/rules this-dummy-target-better-not-really-exist

Or, make could be patched to have a mode where it generates stable,
machine-parseable error and status message codes. Then just look for
the one that corresponds to "*** No rule to make target" or the one that
indicates a rule has been run.

see shy jo

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