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Re: Buildd & binary-indep

>> There is one src-package which builds a few packages with architecture
>> -all and -any. http://packages.qa.debian.org/w/wordnet.html
>> If this package is built it  wants more than one gigabyte (~1.2-1.4G)
>> RAM to build. So there are two buildd servers can't build
>> *architecture:all* packages. So this package can't pass into testing
>> for a long time (more than 120 days).

AB> This raises the question why binary-indep targets are built when not needed.
Yes :) So I wrote the subject :)

AB> If so, you could build it in qemu.

It seems that Debian doesn't contain all files which are nessesary to
install Debian in qemu. Could You give me a link to how to install
debian/armel(etc) in qemu?

... mpd is off

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