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Re: Backports service becoming official

>> From what concerns the BTS, Don's proposal in [2] (the main one, not
>> the alternative solution) seems reasonable to me and others in the
>> thread. The proposal also seems to assume a different Maintainer
>> field for the bpo package, as hinted above, am I wrong Don?
> Right. The idea here is that there will be an additional recipient for
> bugs which affect the version present in bpo; in the case where the
> bug is bpo only, headers in the message will allow maintainers to
> filter out these bugs in mail and the bug listings. [Possibly even by
> default, but the opt-in mechanism is harder than the default-in to
> implement.]

Stepping in sideways here, but in case you can make use of them,
backports is creating the same debversion info like the main
archive. Want them synced to the bts?

bye, Joerg
(13:24) <Aquariophile> ist iptables eigentlich nur ein tool zum
        verhindern von aussenkonnectierungen auf gewissen ports oder ist
        iptables eine firewall?
(13:27) <maxx> ist ein packet filter
(13:27) <Aquariophile> maxx: also der verhindert pings?

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