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Re: RFC: Rules for distro-friendly packages

* Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> schrieb:
> Enrico Weigelt writes ("RFC: Rules for distro-friendly packages "):
> > I've collected several rules that upstreams should follow to make
> > distro maintainer's life much easier:
> Thanks for doing this.  But I have to say that the tone of your
> document isn't really appropriate for the social context.  It reads
> very much like a series of demands and instructions.

That might come from the backgroud that it's actually meant to
form a set of QM requirements. I'm going to implement an checklist
system for the OSS-QM project [1] where all the releases are
undergoing an approval process.

> We aren't in a position to dictate to upstream. 

No, we aren't. But we (as downstreams) can define rules on what we
consider a good package engineering - if upstream cannot / doesnt
want to follow the rules, OSS-QM can step in as man-in-the-middle ;-p

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