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Re: Moving package with quilt to new upstream version

On Wed, 15 Sep 2010, Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> > IMO, you should try to get yourself better acquinted with quilt before
> > using it, or you can end up with a mess.
> Right. That's why I am testing this process while upstream only produced
> and rc version.

I've found that using dpkg-source format 3.0(quilt) inside a git tree
can be really annoying (do you commit the tree with patches applied or
unapplied? [unapplied works better for *my* workflow] either way, the
tree will be dirty for git at annoying times), BUT it helps a DAMN GREAT
DEAL to keep quilt in check, enough that I do it for every package I
take care of.

And "git clean -x -d -f ; git reset --hard" is a *MUCH* faster way to
clean up messes when a patch fails to apply and doesn't revert, than
anything I've ever used before.  It is also much faster than debclean.
Note: it will kill any non-git-commited changes.

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