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Moving package with quilt to new upstream version

Hi all, I have recently packaged hylafax 6.0.4-10 using quilt. Now I am
moving to a new upstream release 6.0.5 and I am trying to update my
package following
but I failed to it properly.

What I do:
1. untar new upstream release 6.0.5
2. remove its debian directory
3. untar hylafax_6.0.4-10.debian.tar.gz into new source root
4. change debian version in changelog via dch
5. execute "while quilt push; do quilt refresh; done"

here it fails with message "No patches in series" because it doesn't
look for debian/patches/series but only for patches/series.

If I change to the debian directory and then issue the same command, I
get all patches rejected because quilt is looking for files to patch in
debian directory instead of its parent.

So, how do you move your quilt patches to a new upstream release?


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