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Re: /usr/share/info/dir.gz if install-info is installed

* Cyril Brulebois | 2010-09-14 12:53:20 [+0200]:

>Sebastian Andrzej Siewior <sebastian@breakpoint.cc> (14/09/2010):
>> > packages really ought to build if that package is installed???
>> This is true. However you can't install two packages containing this
>> file.
>Sorry, I should have been more explicit: build *properly*, i.e. do
>what's needed to avoid shipping that file in the resulting binary

Sounds reasonable. However sometimes package maintainer argueue that the
policy says "clean build environment" and having package X intalled is
no longer clean (thus I have a problem and buildds do not).

I went through Contents-* for sid and got:

utils/ssed: [armel, hurd-i386, s390, avr32, sh4]

Which is fixed according to #219988. Probably the same thing as in
#543992 trigered it again.

And usr/share/info/dir.gz can be found in:
devel/gettext           [hurd-i386, s390, sh4]
otherosfs/vcdimager     [hurd-i386, sh4]
sound/tk707             [kfreebsd-amd64, freebsd-i386.gz]
admin/qingy             [s390, sh4]
electronics/freehdl     [avr32]
sound/ladcca-bin        [avr32]
sound/opencubicplayer   [m68k 1:0.1.17-1, current is 1:0.1.20-1]
editors/bbe             [powerpcspe]
devel/id-utils          [powerpcspe]
text/docbook2x          [powerpcspe]
games/heroes-common     [sh4]
sound/glame             [sh4]



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