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Re: Bug#595820: ITP: woof -- A small, simple, stupid webserver to share files

On 07.09.2010 11:17, Salvo Tomaselli wrote:
On Tuesday 07 September 2010 10:47:08 Josselin Mouette wrote:
Oh, please. If you want to setup such schemes, why would you not want to
spend 5 minutes to configure apache or lighttpd instead of spending at
least the same time to configure such an obscure piece of software?

If all you care about is sharing a few files in the simplest way, there
are much better tools to do it, like gnome-user-share.

1 you are assuming to have root permissions (read my previous email)

What is the problem? You need the root permission to install the package. And IMHO a sysadmin is needed to evaluate the security
and global policies.

BTW 12-15 years ago my university set up on out home a "public_html"
personal directory, accessible with "http://somehost/~myusername/";.
Is not what you call easy method to allow user to publish few files?
[BTW also people.debian.org has such setup. Not complex]

Now the "host/~username" is not very frequent, but it works on nearly
every real webserver.

2 you are assuming to be working on a desktop

My solution don't assume that.

3 you are assuming you want to share the same file all the time. But this
might not be the case, and change the configuration every time you want to
share a different file could annoying.

The classical solution don't require that.

The advantage:
you have a real server, protected from DoS (and multiple connections), protected by random and wrong requests. You can have automatically compressed output (to reduce traffic, thus speed on slow connections) etc.
You are protected by url containing /../ (not to go below the
authorized home), with %xx escape etc.


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