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Re: FYI: code.google.com downloads & uscan - fixed

On Fri, Sep 03, 2010 at 09:10:02PM +0200, David Paleino wrote:
> On Fri, 3 Sep 2010 20:12:28 +0200, Iustin Pop wrote:
> > After some discussion on how the actual links should be presented so
> > that uscan can find them while still keeping the desired UI behaviour,
> > the <a href="…"> links are now back in and the DEHS data for projects
> > hosted on code.google.com should soon be fine. I have to note that the
> > code.google.com people were very understanding once I explained how
> > uscan works and what purpose it serves - so thanks!
> Can we expect this to be stable in future?
> During the short lifetime of the redirector -- it started in May -- Google
> changed their links once. And the redirector was born because they changed it
> before.

Just wondering, are you sure the change you refer to was not the fix
itself? The fix went live around 26th August.

> I have no problem in shutting down googlecode.debian.net -- apart from the fact
> that people using it are forced to go back to code.google.com -- but I'd like
> not to touch my debian/watch files every two months :)

I got a very good response from the developers once I got to them and
managed to explain what uscan is/its purpose, and what it needs to work.
Also, the href removal was unintended. So my personal feeling around
this is that it should be fine.

Given these, and the fact that there are enough DDs (or people involved
with Debian in other forms) that work for/have contacts at Google, I
think it's safe to say the me or someone else could keep the link with
these developers. It's also possible to use the public bug tracker, but
that will be slower, as you have seen (unfortunately).

Of course, the future is unknown, so I can't *promise* it won't change
ever again, or that we'll always be able to keep it working with uscan…


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