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FYI: code.google.com downloads & uscan - fixed

Hi all,

[resend since my original mail from Aug 26th got lost]

As promised during Debconf, I went and talked with the code.google.com
people about the changes to the download list which broke uscan. For the
record, the rationale for the changes was (quoted with permission):

> Background: We used to have the filename be a link that downloaded the
> file, and everything else on that table row took the user to the
> download detail page.  Users liked having one-click to download the
> file, but a lot of users had trouble finding how to get to the
> download detail page because they were just always downloading the
> file.  So, we changed the file name to go to the download detail page
> too, and we added the download button that you see now as the new
> one-click way to get the file.
> It doesn't have to be a button, it just needs to make the user think
> that clicking it will download the file.  And, I don't want it to be
> <a href="...">download</a> because that will be too wordy and use
> valuable horizontal space and be inconsistent with our other list
> views.

After some discussion on how the actual links should be presented so
that uscan can find them while still keeping the desired UI behaviour,
the <a href="…"> links are now back in and the DEHS data for projects
hosted on code.google.com should soon be fine. I have to note that the
code.google.com people were very understanding once I explained how
uscan works and what purpose it serves - so thanks!

And while now I don't have to convert my remaining packages, I will have
some uscan rules to undo…

Note: I checked my packages and the download page is already fixed. I
don't know if the changes will propagate to all projects soon or it will
take some time, but if it still doesn't work in a few days, please let
me know.


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