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Re: 38

Russ Allbery wrote:
> Could you please either start reporting (wishlist) bugs asking to make
> these scripts more robust against strange administrative practices or get
> tired of all this a little bit faster?  A large thread in debian-devel
> with no concrete actionable reports is basically useless and just wastes a
> bunch of people's time.
A thread maybe useless but the initial mail wasn't, IMO. It pointed out
a class of bugs that are indeed present in Debian and alerted us of a
bad practice that some people are following.

It also serves as a reminder for all maintainers to audit their
package's scripts which is way more useful than having tons of bugs filed.

After all, as I'm sure you're aware, our developer reference considers
mass bug filing "a deprecated practice" and recommends discussion on
debian-devel, which is what he did.

Granted, that mail wasn't written in the best possible way (...) but,
still, we shouldn't discard it as a whole because of that.


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