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Re: Bug#594099: ITP: pm-utils-light -- pm-utils replacement for embedded hardware

Le lundi 23 août 2010 à 18:12 +0100, Enrico Zini a écrit :
>   Description     : pm-utils replacement for embedded hardware
>  Pros:
>  * It tries its best to run hooks in exactly the same way as pm-utils.
>  * It's faster
>  * It can load hooks from a .so file, which is much faster, avoids
>    context switches and allows to keep state conveniently in memory.
>  * .so files will be loaded also if they are not executable. Install a
>    non-executable .so file to have it loaded by pm-utils light but ignored by
>    pm-utils.
>  * It allows to cancel a resume, for example in order to go back to sleep in
>    case of a resume for usb disconnect.
>  .
>  Cons:
>  * No support for quirks
>  * It does not ship the functions and pm-functions shell libraries, so plugins
>    cannot make use of them

It looks like an interesting piece software, but having to choose
between one implementation that is slow and one that doesn’t support
quirks looks like a lose-lose situation to me.

Are there any efforts underway to merge the two projects, or at least
their functionality?

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