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Re: Debug output etc, cluttering the terminal

On 18/08/10 14:53, Peter Miller wrote:
> So have gtk_assert (or whatever it is) actually call abort() and make
> the offending applications crash, so the offending developers *have* to
> fix them.  But until you do that, give me a way to Shut Them Off, and
> without silencing *real* error messages, either.

Ask upstream to make that change. Hint: they won't do it.

> You can't have it both ways, they are either dire imminent bugs, or they
> are noise.  As a user, from where I sit, they are noise.

No. They are bugs. And they may, or may not, have visual effects to you. If they
don't, good for you, but that doesn't mean they are less buggy. If you're
calling foo_do_bar(), which says you shouldn't call it with a NULL argument, and
you do so, then it's a bug, no matter if your application crashes or not. I
won't hide them. kthxbye.

> A simple "silence unless asked for debug" aka "the unix golden rule"
> official Policy seems like (a) a great idea, (b) simple to explain, and
> (c) simple to implement.

Those are not debug messages. g_criticals and g_warnings are bugs. I'm perfectly
fine with hiding normal debug output, but that's not what we're discussing wrt GLib.


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