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Bug#593132: ITP: pysatellites -- simulates the launching of satellites

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Georges Khaznadar <georgesk@ofset.org>

* Package name    : pysatellites
  Version         : 1.0
  Upstream Author : Georges Khaznadar <georgesk@ofset.org>
* URL             : http://outilsphysiques.tuxfamily.org/pmwiki.php/Oppl/Pysatellites
* License         : GPL-3
  Programming Lang: Python
  Description     : simulates the launching of satellites

 This program can be used to train people to spatial mechanics at an
 elementary level. You are given the power to launch a satellite, from
 outside the atmosphere, around a handfull of predefined planets, or around
 any special object you may imagine. Input the intial velocity vector of the
 satellite, and you will get the simulated trajectory, as well as some
 information like the plots of variation of speed. As an extra, you can
 compute a movie, which represents the planet seen from the satellite's
 point of view during its orbital period.

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