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Re: Non-recompilable binaries in source and binary packages (Adobe Flash strikes again)

Le vendredi 13 août 2010, Goswin von Brederlow a écrit :
> The case of non-recompilable binaries just doesn't fall into this
> category. The non-recompilable binary will never be DFSG free and has to
> go to non-free, not contrib, imho.

Again, I think they can be DFSG-free, as the DFSG never mention the need
for a free compilation chain. And this if it was not the case, according
to the Policy §2.2.2:
>> very package in contrib must comply with the DFSG.
then all the software that requires stuff outside of main for building
should be moved to non-free, according to the Policy §2.2.3:
>> Packages must be placed in non-free if they are not compliant with
>> the DFSG
non-free is the only section that allows non-free software.

In fact, if requirering non-free software for compilation or exectution
makes something fail at the DFSG, then I do not see the point of the
contrib section, as defined by the Policy §2.2.2:
>> Examples of packages which would be included in contrib are: free
>> packages which require contrib, non-free packages or packages which
>> are not in our archive at all for compilation or execution…

Tanguy Ortolo

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