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Re: More advanced home directory creation in Debian?

[Ian Jackson]
> So while it doesn't use run-parts, it's halfway there already.  I
> use adduser.local on chiark.

Definitely useful, but not enought, as the debian-edu-config package
would break policy if it included a file in /usr/local/, and only one
package can provide this script at the time while I expect to include
several scripts to adjust parts of the created home directory, so we
could not provide a package for the universtity setup while also
having debian-edu-config intstalled.  For this, I believe a .d
directory with scripts executed by run-parts is needed.

It could either be in /etc/, or in /usr/lib/, or perhaps in both these
locations.  Say /usr/lib/adduser/skel.d/ for debian-edu-config and our
university package, and /etc/skel.d/ for host specific setup?  To make
it easy to get right for adduser libpam-mklocaluser and pam_mkhomedir
and other systems that should use it, I believe it would be best to
create a new script doing the work, which could be called mkhomedir or
something like that.  It would make sure all these systems create home
directories the same way.  Not sure what arguments the scripts should
get, but the path to the new home directory and the name of the user
being created is a must.  It would also be used by tools creating
users in LDAP and NIS, which would first create the entry in LDAP or
NIS, and then create the home directory using this new script.

Anyone else that would find such mechanism useful to have in Debian?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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