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Bug#592390: ITP: spm8 -- analysis of brain imaging data sequences

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: NeuroDebian team <team@neuro.debian.net>

* Package name    : spm8
  Version         : 8.4010
  Upstream Author : Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging <spm@jiscmail.ac.uk>
* URL             : http://www.fil.ion.ucl.ac.uk/spm/software/spm8/
* License         : GPL-2+
  Programming Lang: Matlab/Octave
  Description     : analysis of brain imaging data sequences

 Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM) refers to the construction and
 assessment of spatially extended statistical processes used to test
 hypotheses about functional brain imaging data. These ideas have been
 instantiated in software that is called SPM. It is designed for the
 analysis of fMRI, PET, SPECT, EEG and MEG.

This software is written to be used with Matlab and probably to most
widely used piece of software in neuroimaging research. The authors
state that

  Scilab and Octave are free clones of MATLAB, but SPM does not
  currently run on either. Porting SPM to these environments should be
  feasible but would require an important investment.

It looks like a port is indeed feasible: MEX extensions already build
fine with Octave, there are no dependencies to Mathworks toolboxes. For
few API incompatibilities workarounds have already been identified. We
plan to enable all non-GUI functionality that can be utilized within the
NiPyPE framework (http://packages.debian.org/sid/python-nipype), which
will also allow us to appropriately test the package.

If you have some experience with Octave and/or SPM you're welcome to
join this packaging effort. A git repository will appear on Alioth shortly.

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