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Re: RFH: How to compile swf files from source

> In my package ampache it ships xspf_jukebox.fla and xspf_jukebox.swf and
> I recently received bug #591202 which states:

> "ampache ships a swf file but does not build it from source."

> I am curious to know which part of Debian Policy states that this is
> required?  I have search but was unable to find anything.

> If the source code accompanies the precompiled file how does that make
> the package non compliant with DFSG? (bug #591196)

If you can not build all your package with tools available in Debian
main, then your package must move to contrib. See policy 2.2.1,
everything in main must be able to build with stuff available in main.

The easiest way to ensure you always know this works is by not ever
using binary files provided by upstream, but building them yourself.

Additionally, who guarantuees you that upstreams binary files are sane?
He can have added any amount of crap, either willingly or by having a
compromised system. Rebuild and you and all your users are safe from
that too.

bye, Joerg
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