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Some stats...

Hey *,

I did a blog post last night with some (IMO) interesting stats. If
you're interested, the post is at:


It's based on some dynamic javascripty charts of various numbers I
could pull out that seemed interesting (RC bugs, the buildd graphs,
and an LD50 one I made up). The source graphs are up on merkel and are
kinda interesting; the only issue is the graphs are drawn on the
client side which given the amount of data involved can be a bit slow
on iceweasel; chromium-browser from unstable or google-chrome seems to
handle it alright though. URLs:

    -- RC bugs
    -- how long it takes to fix bugs (weekly data points)
    -- architecture buildd performances
    -- architecture up-to-dateness

The box at the bottom right lets you do a rolling average, and you can
click and drag to choose a particular date range to view. I haven't
set it up to automatically update yet.


Anthony Towns <aj@erisian.com.au>

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