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Re: GUI packaging

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On 2010-07-30 05:17, Xavier Oswald wrote:
> We will not do any objection as everybody is free to develop what he want.
Thank you for this information, so I will go forward.

> A small suggestion if you start doing this... Please try to have 2 or 3 layers
> so you could have the basics calls and then be able to develop a GUI with Qt,
> GTK, ... frontends.

Thanks, this is a good idea! I also want to use this project to gain
more Vala knowledge; I guess this narrows it a little bit down, and it
will be object oriented and more GNOME - so I'm planing do implement the
"layers" in different classes etc.

> I don't know how deep you want to go.. like having devscripts tool calls,
> pbuilder integration or such, but before starting this you should carefuly think
> of what you want, the data structures and the language you will use..
Yes, pbuilder with easy selections for different distributions and
architectures is one of the things on the todo list.

> I think this kind of tool will be huge amont of work. I wish you good luck and
> happy hacking doing this.

http://github.com/alpharesearch/VisualDeb is the address were the
project is hosted. For now I will use the name VisualDeb as long as
there are no objections.

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Markus Schulz
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