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Re: How to make Debian more attractive for users

I spotted this topic in Debian Project News. I am a non-technical Debian user (Lenny AMD 64 bit)   - I have tried Ubuntu a couple of times but came back to Debian because of its stability. The main problem I have is lack of up to date Flash in the browser (Iceweasel) and I think this is a common problem with other users. I have to resort to using  Microsoft Windows sometimes as Flash is being used more and more by websites. Maybe it's a Linux problem not just Debian - I don't know, but it is frustrating.

Anything you could do to resolve this would be very welcome.

I hope this email is of some help to you, but you do not need to acknowledge or reply to this email. Please accept my thanks to you and your colleagues for all the tremendous work you do for the Debian community.

Russell Gadd
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