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Re: How to make Debian more attractive for users, was: Re: The number of popcon.debian.org-submissions is falling

On 22/07/10 09:44, Jesús M. Navarro wrote:
> Hi, Manoj:
> On Thursday 22 July 2010 07:17:15 Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> On Wed, Jul 21 2010, Will wrote:
>> > Also I imagine that it helps that they have some kind of commercial
>> > support behind their projects, whereas Debian has little/none of that.
>>         One of the  issues I have faced in trying to get Debian
>>  introduced in big companies is the percieved lack of a coherent
>>  copyright; and company lawyers being uncomfortable with the concept
>>  that most licesnse pass the dfsg, but we can't guarantee that, please
>>  go read several thoudand individual license docs to figure out what you
>>  are getting.
> That's again about perception.  Debian has exactly the same copyright 
> coherence (or lack of it) than SUSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu or even proprietary 
> Unices.

It might be just my cynical viewpoint - but I've always suspected that
part of the attraction of a commercial distro to a big company is the
perception that there's always someone to sue if you feel you've been
left open to liability.

If your supplier has millions in the bank for potential settlements,
maybe you're more comfortable accepting all those licenses without quite
as much scrutiny?



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