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Re: dkms needs a pre-depends entry (Policy 3.5)

Russ Allbery writes ("Re: dkms needs a pre-depends entry (Policy 3.5)"):
> This implies to me that the following information in the python-support
> documentation is partially incorrect:

Yes, I think so.

> I believe the only case where you would need to explicitly run
> update-python-modules -p in your postinst is if the postinst's package
> itself installs a Python namespace package and needs that namespace
> package to be configured before running that action in the postinst.  In
> other words, the daemon package itself, if it also contains the namespace
> module, may need to do this.  But if the namespace module is in a
> dependency, this should never be needed.
> Is that correct?

I think so, although the manpage for update-python-modules I have here
doesn't document the -p option so I'm going partially on guesswork.


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