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Re: The number of popcon.debian.org-submissions is falling

[Giacomo A. Catenazzi]
> I mount filesystem with "noatime" (at home and on my servers), and
> AFAIK popcon don't work with such configuration, so I don't install
> it.

There is no need to avoid popularity-contest just because you are
mounting file systems with noatime.  The set of installated packages
will be reported and this is very useful for Debian to know.  The only
thing affected by noatime is that the information on what packages
were used last week is not reported.

> I don't know if "relatime" now works, and if popcon can works with
> "relatime" (or ev. if popcon can check written files)

The popularity-contest package also work fine with relatime.

Thanks for bringing this up.  I guess we should look at the FAQ or
something to make it clear on this point.  Where did you get the idea
that popcon don't work with noatime?  Is there some documentation we
could update to avoid others getting the same idea?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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