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Re: packages being essential but having stuff in /usr/?!

On Thu, 15 Jul 2010, Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote:
> Is there any policy document or that like,... which mandates:
> a) What is guaranteed to be available in initramfs images?

Not much is guaranteed to be available in initramfs, unless you arranged for
it to be, AFAIK.

> b) What is guaranteed to be available as soon as the root-fs is mounted

Only whatever is in /dev, /lib, /etc, /bin, /sbin.

Fail this, and your package is RC buggy, and not fit for release (in the
grounds that it just plain doesn't work in a supported configuration).  All
policy would have to say in the matter is that we do support /usr outside of
/, if that much.

> c) When (!) it is guaranteed that also /usr/ is there? Is it after
> $remote_fs? Or after mountall-nfs.sh?

$remote_fs.  If NFS /usr is being mounted after $remote_fs is available, it
is a grave bug on the NFS scripts.  Policy doesn't have to mandate this
directly, the definition of $remote_fs already does.

> > Only init scripts that do not depend on $remote_fs have to do this check.
> There are quite a lot...

Anything running from udev that depends on /usr also has to gracefully
handle /usr not being available.  Usually, this means you skip the udev hook
if /usr isn't there, and have an *indepondent* initscript set things up at
the end of the boot process.

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