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Re: upcoming issues with python-hulahop, python-xpcom, xulrunner-1.9.2

I demand that Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton may or may not have written...

> basically, an interpretation of the decision from the mozilla foundation is
> that all languages but javascript can get lost.  i do not understand why,
> after years of support thanks to xpcom, _just_ when there's a project which
> actually _uses_ alternative language bindings 100% and i meaaan 100%, the
> mozilla foundation slams the door in its face and in the face of every
> other project using xpcom.

I'm wondering whether I should start investigating alternative Javascript
libraries, given Mozilla's (apparent) reluctance to install libmozjs as
anything other than a private library for use by xulrunner-using apps.

That said, if anybody is prepared to take the Ubuntu workaround for this in
their gxine package and make that suitable for upstream, I'll take that
instead. I did try to push for something which is acceptable for upstream,
but no, distribution-specific workaround...

(I suppose that I could create a Ubuntu-based chroot, but I'd rather avoid

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